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Vendela - Purple roses - 50 pieces
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These purple roses have been painted
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A personal message with your roses?

The Vendela - Purple roses - 48 pieces changed from cream to purple overnight. They are always delivered fresh and always have a minimum length of 70 centimeters. These roses changed from cream to purple overnight. They suck up the paint through the stem to the head, therefore the leaves are also colored dark by the paint. This purple rose is special and highly valued!

Do you go for 12, 24, 50, 60 or 100 purple roses? Or do you have special wishes? For example, very large numbers or a combined bunch, please contact us because the possibilities at Rozen.nl are endless. Shipping is free in NL and BE from € 80, -. We always make sure you get a beautiful bunch of roses delivered to your home. It is not for nothing that we have already received more than 1000 positive reviews via Trustpilot. 

The characteristics of the Vendela - Purple roses in a row: 

- Available in all quantities
- Length: always at least 70 centimeters
- Rose with purple color
- Large bud with 55-75 petals

Do you have special wishes? Then contact us and we will arrange customization for you. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. 

Have you already become curious about the class and beauty of this species? Order the Vendela - Purple roses in any desired quantity directly and safely online at Rozen.nl. 

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0 stars based on 0 reviews